Taking pride in accentuating the deliciousness of meat through seasoning

Customers can find rock salt, pepper, smoked salt and pepper, wasabi, and our homemade Original Sauce and Garlic Sauce on every table.

How our homemade Original Sauce is made…

The Steak Lodge homemade Original Sauce perfectly enhances the natural flavors of meat without making it feel heavy.
The foundation of our original nama sauce are onions from Awaji Island, Japan. The onions we carefully-select are naturally sweet and delicious and do not have the pungent taste commonly associated with onions. 10kg of these onions are all grated by hand every morning – grating them with a machine would only result in the delicious natural flavors of the onions being lost, and therefore the texture of the sauce would not be as deliciously velvety.
Nama soy sauce from Shodoshima Island is then added to the onions and left to ferment. The result is the deliciously fruity and velvety original nama sauce specially made by Steak Lodge. The nama soy sauce of Shodoshima Island is famous for not being heat treated – it can be easily characterized by its deliciously strong aroma and taste. The refreshing flavour of a soy sauce based sauce is the perfect way to enjoy the natural umami (Japanese savory taste) of meat.